The baby has been waking up at roughly 5:30 for the past couple of weeks and it is KILLING me.  It is truly the worst time.  3am I can handle – get her up, change nappy, feed her a bobo, nurse her back to sleep, back in bed within the hour.  I can even do this at 4am, at a push even 4:30.  But when she wakes at 5:30, she is UP.  Lying there in her wee cot, chatting away to her feet, grinning.  Don’t get me wrong, she is adorable, and I love that gummy smile, but if she’s up, I’m up.  And I’m not ready to be up at 5:30.  Plus within a half hour she’ll have done so much ‘chatting’ (shouting the house down with her babbles), that she’ll wake up her big sister, and once she’s up… Well, let’s just say the neighbours are probably up too.  Though strangely not Mr B, who still snores and snores and snores, like a Gruffalo in his cave.

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