Brilliant design…

I bought this lovely new sleeping bag for Littler B a couple of weeks ago.  It’s from Sainsbury’s in case you want to rush out and get yourself one.  £12 well spent.


It’s so easy to get on and off the baby.  It has buttons at the shoulders, and a zip up the left side which allows you to open it up like a book.  And just look how cute the design on the front is:


It’s some bunnies, playing in a wigwam.  With bunting!  Mega cute.

But the reason I love this sleeping bag so much is one little tiny piece of design.  It’s so thoughtful, and I’ve never come across it before on any other piece of baby clothing or accessory. It’s this:


That little tab folds over the head of the zip when it’s all zipped up, meaning that the metal ‘handle’ can’t flap about, and your baby never has to come into contact with the metal.  I LOVE this.  Well done to the Sainsbo’s designers.

(This post is not sponsored.  I’m just sharing something lovely with you.)

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