Junior Masterchef

I’m pretty obsessed with Australian Masterchef.  I tape it and watch back to back episodes when Mr B is working late and I have control of the remote.  I even had a dream in which one of the judges was my husband.  ( It was Gary, if you’re a fellow fan and you need to know whether it was him, George, or Matt I was married to.)

Anyhow, some of this gourmet goodness must be seeping out of the telly and into the general ether of our house, as the other day, Little B presented me with this playdoh creation…

2015-04-23 19.18.28


Cue the usual conversation with a 3 year old upon being handed something you’re told is food:

Oh thank you darling, that looks lovely!  I’m going to eat it all up for my dinner.  What is it?”

Horse in Lemonade.”

Horse.  In Lemonade.  This from a girl who’s palette extends to chicken dippers and fish fingers with lashings of ketchup.  I expect Heston Blumenthal to be knocking my door down within the week…

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