“Mummy, when I am 4 can I go to Princessland?
Where is that?
It’s under the water and it is melting.  It’s made from snow.
How do you get there?
You get on a sailing boat and you take your own snow.
How do you breathe if it’s under water?
You get a boat with a roof on it and you wear your swim suit.  And your swim suit has a hat, and you have a net on your face so the fish can’t get in.
And what princesses are there?
Belle, and Rapunzel.  And a Care Bear with a pink ribbon round her neck.   And Elsa – Anna and Elsa.  And there’s a Disney castle you can go in and all the princesses are there.
It sounds expensive.  How much does it cost?
Seven.  Seven moneys.
OK, well that’s a bit expensive.  We’ll have to save up.
But there are children there who are five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. And four.  Can I go when I am four?  There’s fire that goes in and out and you take a picnic and there is a beach under the water and you eat your picnic there.
Where does the fire come from?
A dragon.  It’s tiny.  It’s this small (holds fingers together.)  It is a man dressed up but tiny.
OK, but will it not all melt before you are four?
No, that’s why you take your own snow.  It’s melting but you take your own snow and build it back up again.  And Elsa is there.
OK love, let’s go when you’re four.  It sounds brilliant.
Can I watch Paw Patrol?”

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