The joy of toast

It really is the simple things…  Nothing could have prepared me for the sheer joy and warm feelings I get when I watch my baby eat toast.  She LOVES it.  She has these little ET fingers which she uses to poke the toast and hold pieces in her right hand.  The left hand has normal fingers for some reason, but with her right hand I keep expecting her to point to my heart and say ‘I’ll be right here’ *chokes back tears*.  (Disclaimer: ET is my favourite film of all time and I always cry at that part.)

2015-05-22 07.40.07

Anyway, instead of doing my usual trick and posting pictures of her vomit, (although we did have a really interesting pink one yesterday after we followed a strawberry yoghurt with a piece of mushroom), I thought I’d post some pictures of my baby poking toast and eating toast.  Maybe the joy will come across to you, maybe it won’t, but at least I’ll have a permanent reminder of the ET fingers.

2015-05-22 07.43.23


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