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Adult colouring in

I’m not too sure how I feel about these new ‘adult’ colouring in books that seem to be everywhere.  I was in Sainsbury’s last night and they had a whole stand dedicated to them.  But it reminded me of one of the hilarious joke presents my husband got me last year for Christmas (which I actually loved.)  It was a One Direction colouring in book.  I especially like the fact it’s 100% unofficial.

2015-07-21 23.22.34

Well, I’d sort of forgotten about it to be honest, until today when my husband dug it out and let our eldest daughter (nearly 4) loose on it.  I’ve posted some of her artistic efforts on this site before, and in fact, the banner for the site is one of her masterpieces, so I’m sure you’re aware she’s a child genius. ; )  Anyway, first page is a close up of Harry Styles, and prepare yourselves for this work of art:

2015-07-21 23.22.47

The creativity.  The use of colour.  The staying within the lines (mostly).  The green neck and blue and orange face.  He’s truly a dreamboat.

Of course, being me, I had to get in on the action, so I helped her out with the next one.  I did the two on the left, she did the other three.

2015-07-21 23.22.57

Having not coloured in for a while, I can confirm it does have stress-relieving properties.  It’s also a real giggle, especially if you can colour boys in with green hair.  And an immense laugh if your innocent child names them, (from right to left), Smudgy, Cludgy, Poo-poo, Blackie, and… Cliffy.  Amazing.

Of course, I was in true silly mode by now, so the next colouring in project was a close up of Niall.  We decided it was a bit boring so we made him into a lady, complete with tattoos and jewellery.  She added the necklace, and the smudge of Ribena on his t-shirt:

2015-07-21 23.23.05

Then we found the stickers in the middle of the book, and added a couple of those, and then stuck the rest all over a picture of Zayn.  But he doesn’t deserve a photo here because he’s left the band, the traitor.

So yeah, adult colouring in gets the thumbs up from me, especially if you’ve got a hilarious pre-schooler helping.

The Ten Pound Teepee

Look what I made!

2015-05-04 17.47.37

I’m so impressed with myself.  We now have a teepee worthy of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ in our front garden.  And the best thing is, it cost less than a tenner to make.

Here’s how I did it:

Go to Poundworld, and purchase 2 packets of bamboo poles and a tub of garden twine (£3)

Go to B&M Bargains and buy some heather screening (£6.99)

2015-05-04 17.03.152015-05-04 17.03.36

Insert the bamboo poles into the garden, making small holes to stick them in (I used an ordinary kitchen knife to do this.)  You can make it as small or large as you want, but bear in mind you’re going to want the poles to come together at the top in a teepee shape, so don’t make it too wide at the base.

You should end up with something like this:
2015-05-04 17.07.26

You can then tie the tops together using the garden twine:
2015-05-04 17.17.38

If you wanted to make this really secure, you could use some gaffer tape, as there is a chance the twine could slip up the poles, no matter how many knots you do.

Make sure your child will fit in the teepee:

2015-05-04 17.17.24

Then simply wrap your heather screening around the poles to cover – mine had wire through it so was easy to bend and shape.  I then used more garden twine to wrap through it and attach it to the poles near the top.  I also cut up a bit of the bag that the heather screening had come in to make the green topper as the screening didn’t quite come to the top of the sticks.

Taa daa!  A teepee!

2015-05-04 17.47.32


Of course it’s been raining ever since I built it, but it’s stayed up overnight despite the windy conditions.  Little B is looking forward to some drier weather so she can get out there with her dollies.