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Resting Peppa Face

You know that thing where people say women have “resting bitch face”?


Well, my kids have something similar. Usually it comes on around 4:30pm, when I plonk them in front of the TV and try to get some housework done. Tired, they completely zone out. I call it Resting Peppa face and it looks like this:

It’s also brought on by Bing and Mr Tumble. A useful tool to keep wrinkles at bay. I may have to try it.

Felt tip Fail

Sorry for not keeping you up to date on my daily parenting fails. Things have got in the way a bit lately.

This one, however, was too good not to document:

You turn your back on them for a few minutes (to drive safely whilst looking out the front window instead of into the back seats) and this happens


Luckily it washed off in her bath later…