An ode to Calpol

calpolOh Calpol, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.
I love your purple syringe thing
And your sickly scent
I love your effectiveness
In giving temperatures a dent
I love the brief respite
From a fever that you bring
And that instead of crying
My baby might just sing
I love the relationship
With Nurofen you have
Without you in the cupboard
I’d need a hell of a lot more Jav(a)


After two nights of pretty much NO sleep due to a baby with a temperature veering between 38.5 and 40, I frickin’ LOVE Calpol.

Without it I am nothing…

Technological difficulties

I admit it, I’m a complete luddite.  I know how to use a computer, but when things start going wrong, I’m definitely from the camp of turn it off, and turn it on again to try and fix things.

You may have noticed that I have some upside down pictures on this blog.  It’s doing my head in – I take photos with my iPhone, and if I take them portrait style, I have to edit them to sit the ‘right way up’ on this blog.  BUT.  If they’re edited to sit the right way on the desktop site, they’re the wrong way round on the mobile site.  I thought I found the solution – just take them landscape, all the time.  But oh no.  That was working until I uploaded a post from my phone – cue upside down pictures on the desktop site.  I’ve researched to try and find a solution, but I’m not techy enough to fix it right now, and my host is in the States and requires a phone call to try and sort things out.

So please bear with me until I find a fix.  If you’re out there at all.  I’m not a computer expert and I’m still finding my way with this whole thing.  But I am trying.


Genius child art



Check out this picture my daughter drew of me.  It’s amazing. She’s obviously a complete genius.  It’s like looking in a mirror.

Then she drew one of the whole family:



That’s me on the right.   Originally she forgot to include her little sister but added her in later. She’s drawn herself with ‘Rapunzel hair’.   If you’d like to commission her to draw a picture of your clan, get in touch using my email 😉






Food for thought

Well, we made it back unscathed (mostly) from our Ibizan adventure.  I’ll stick up a review of our apartments when I get some time, but for now, I’m taking a break from the HUGE amount of laundry we’ve returned with to update you on some things I’ve fished out of Littler B’s mouth recently.  She’s 9 months old now, has four tiny toothy pegs and everything is fair game to her in terms of what she’ll put in her mouth.  I should say that the following list makes me look like a bad, negligent mother, but just to reassure you, she hasn’t choked on anything… yet.

1) Sand
2) A plastic fish
3) A small horn from a toy bicycle
4) An earplug
5) A magnet
6) A flip-flop
7) Every napkin she can get her hands on
8) Loo roll (see above)
9) Her dummy (she had wedged the whole thing in.)
10) The hire car key

Abelfastmum is on holiday

Abelfastmum is listening to waves crashing on to a beach.

Abelfastmum is too hot.

Abelfastmum is burying her feet in the sand.

Abelfastmum is spending a lot of time in the pool.


Abelfastmum is also spending a disproportionate amount of time slathering the kids in factor 50, watching them constantly to make sure they don’t drown, hovering over the cruising baby to stop her cracking her head off the tiles, rinsing sand off dummies, and pretending to be a shark/crocodile/mermaid in said pool to entertain Little B.

See you when we get back….

The holidays are coming…

It’s June, and as a mum of two wee ones, the fear is setting in. Fear of the summer holidays.

Normally my week is a whirl of mums and tots groups, classes, and playgroup drop-offs and pick-ups. Every morning and afternoon during the week, we have an activity of some sort, and that means that I don’t have to think about how to entertain the kids until post 3:30pm. Usually, we then do the park, or get some shopping in, or go visit friends, or go to soft play (but only if it’s raining and mummy is really tired, honest!), and they’re back home by 5pm for their dinner. We have routine. We have order. We do things that TIRE THEM OUT.
Already, the mums and tots groups are grinding to a halt. One of the ones we attend is having it’s final day on June 4th. Our routine is falling apart slowly but surely, with a class stopping here, and a tots group closing there. At least I still have playgroup until the end of this month. But then… WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?
I’ve survived 3 summers with my eldest so far. For all three I was working part time and couldn’t wait to spend time with my little girl on my days off.  This year, however, I am still on maternity leave after baby number 2, and have a very active almost 4-year-old to entertain, as well as a baby to look after.  In front of us stretches all day, every day with NOTHING TO DO.   Hence the fear…

So I am going to throw out the planner, and try to just go with the flow.
We shall have picnics, we shall go to the beach, we shall play in the garden. If it’s raining, we will go to soft play, or visit a museum, or stay in the house and paint, or play with play-doh, or make crafty things. We will no doubt watch a lot of Paw Patrol and Ben and Holly. We will visit family and friends. We will have fun. Because by next summer, I will have had to go back to work, and both of my babies will probably spend their days being minded by someone else, while I sit in an office wishing that I was with my girls at the beach.  That thought alone is enough to banish the fear.  Let’s just hope the weather’s good!


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