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Watch out, there’s a giraffe about…

My daughter and I have some of our best conversations in the car, where she seems to just let her imagination run wild.  Driving home from IKEA yesterday (where we seem to spend half our lives), we started talking about the birds and where and when they go to sleep.  She thought it was half past one or two in the morning, but when I pointed out that once it starts getting dark you don’t see many birds flying around anymore, she said that it was because the birdies were hiding behind the houses, and when they wanted to go anywhere in the sky, they would just hide behind a plane.  Being me, I went with it:

“So what other animals might hide behind a house”
“Hmmm, elephants.”
“Wow, it would have to be a big house!”
“No mummy, they can go really small.  There is one hiding under my trampoline.”
“OK, well I’m sure he’s a nice elephant, and maybe he just wants a play when we’re all sleeping.  Are there any other animals that hide behind houses?”
“Yes mummy, there’s a giraffe over there but he’s not good at hiding because he’s too big and I can see his head.  Mummy, I want to play I Spy!  I spy with my little eye something beginning with B!”
“Oh, I don’t know…  boat?  Bat?  Bike?”
“No mummy, I’ll give you a clue.  It’s very big, like a giraffe.”
“Oh, this is a hard one.  Emmmmm…”
“It’s a giraffe!”


A giraffe, not hiding behind a house