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Adventures in weaning #1

So the baby is eating solids now.

We’ve done the whole baby rice, pureed apple, pureed pear, pureed vegetables thing, and now shit’s getting real.  And messy…


This is some lentils I lovingly cooked down with some carrots to sweeten them up.  Pureed to a smooth(ish) consistency.  Doesn’t it look yummy?


The lentils did not go down too well…

5:38am – the sequel

sick on my arm

As if it wasn’t enough her getting me up very early, within 10 minutes of her having her bottle, she threw up over herself, the sofa, my new cushion (from Matalan, isn’t it lovely?), and my pyjamas.  Cue a stealth dash upstairs to get clean dry clothes for us both, very very quietly so that I don’t wake child 1.  I could pull off a rare gems heist I’m that quiet…  And for once, things go right and child 1 remains asleep.  Yay!  Small mercies and all that.

sick on my leg